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Over the month of December I decided to start trying new make up, face washes and concealers because I was sick of my old routines and it was time to mix it up! So out of all of the variations I tried; I found these products that I fell in love with!

Enjoy Ladies! <3

Behind every woman is their purse; something that is carried every single day and holds everything and anything from their lunch for the day to a camera and today I wanted to share with you whats in my bag!

I am sure the first item you see is my bag of pistachios; I am always on the go and I like to snack and my favorite snack is pistachios! Next is my Michael Kors Turquoise Leather wallet that I have had for almost 2 years now and it still looks great! I love that the wallet zips all around so nothing falls out mistakingly. The inside lining of the MK wallet is foiled gold and it holds up to 12 cards. My Sony Cyber Shot is probably my favorite item in my bag! I never leave without my camera because you never know when you might need to capture a fun moment! My parents got my husband and I this camera for a wedding present because we went to Kauai and they wanted us to bring back amazing pictures! Which we did! Below is one of our pictures on our honeymoon!


Next item on the list is my Victoria Secret Gorgeous body spray that I love! One of my girlfriends got it for me as a gift set for my birthday last year and ever since then I have been obsessed! It is a fruity clean scent that only takes one spray to smell and feel refreshed! My Clinique matte compact is my must have because I have extremely oily skin and I feel that this brand helps with my shininess! I usually apply this compact twice, sometimes three times a day and it doesn’t looked caked on which is nice. Underneath my compact is an index card of motivation quotes that my mom gave me! I would say that I truly have the Best Mom Ever!!!! Whenever I am having a tough day I pull out my index card and usually instantly feel better because everything is put into perspective (I HIGHLY recommend doing this for yourself, I would also laminate your index card so it doesn’t get ruined).

Networking is a big part of my life and job and I never leave home without my business cards because you never know who you might run into and who might need a personal stylist! 🙂 I am also a journalist at heart and always have to have a pen handy in case I think of any ideas while I am on the go (I know that I have an IPhone and I can take notes on that but it’s just not the same lol).

My favorite mascara is by Loreal and its called Voluminous, this mascara instantly thickens my eye lashes and gives them the oomph they need to look good! As for my lips during the work week I usually just wear the gloss shown: Mac Lip Glass in Oyster Girl by itself but on the weekends I like to kick it up a notch and add a bright lipstick underneath the gloss!

Last but not least I always have Kleenex because I am a big sneezer and hold the record in the Tondreau household for sneezing 12 times in a row 😉 When I was a kid I used to sneeze and then just wipe my nose on my shoulder of my shirt…..but now that I am a grown up I thought I should use Kleenex instead of my shirt.

I would love to hear about what unique items you carry in your purse! Let me know! Please make sure to follow me on Facebook!! Rochelle York Personal Stylist!

Happy New Year’s Eve Ladies!


Check out my newest video on my affordable finds at H&M and Wet Seal!

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My Outfit:
– Black Shimmer Sweater www.wetseal.com
– Gold Spike Necklace www.etsy.com “ShopRoyalBowtique”
– Gold Ring and Spike Earrings www.forever21.com

Tis the season for shopping and that is exactly what I have been doing for the past couple of months. I absolutely love buying presents for my family and friends and I love seeing their faces when they see their gift!

Though I make Christmas shopping sound easy…..it wasn’t until I found this store that truly had something for every single person on my list!

The Shops at The Secret Village is on 26th Street and Indian School; you cannot miss it because of the bright, bold buildings and fun customized signs made by the owners themselves Frank and Bonnie Mineo. This family owned and operated business is unlike any store I have EVER been to (and that says a lot because I have been in retail for 11 years). The moment you walk into the 6 shops; you are greeted by their amazing staff as well as being educated on the shops at the same time!

I will first start off with my favorite shop…it is called “Paper Trail,” in this shop you will find books, candles, home decor, fun and funky gifts for just about anyone and believe me the list goes on and on and on.

The next store is called “The Village Market,” in this shop you will find all kitchen ware, centerpieces, formal dining ware to a cool cork holder for you wine drinkers out there (P.S. I bought at least 4 of these items because they are amazing!!!!!).

Frank’s Man Cave was another shop fav of mine because it has everything and anything that has to do with men! Which is great because sometimes it is hard for me to shop for my husband because he has everything! Frank’s Man Cave has a really cool bbq section that has different types of seasonings and bbq gear. I also loved the motorcycle section for all of you Harley riders out there!

I spent a lot of time in Bonnie’s Place because I truly didn’t want to miss anything because there was so much to choose from. This shop has purses galore and really fun and unique frames to choose from but it may take you some time because everything is so beautiful!

The Kid’s Station took me back to the good ol days! 😉 They have anywhere from Hello Kitty to Superman….something for every kid on your Christmas list!

This shop also has amazing kites! Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the colorful kites but I am sure that they have some pictures on their facebook page www.facebook.com/theshopsatthesecretvillage

Last but certainly not least is the “Pet Corner,” I do not have any kids but I do have a dog named Pablo and I treat him like he is my child…so i would say this is probably one of my favorite shops i think I have said that about almost all of the shops…but it’s true!) This shop has pet beds, treats, blinged out collars and leashes and if you are looking for a fancy dog bed….they have that too!

Had to show you guys a picture of my little guy Pablo!

So I hope all of you check out The Shops at The Secret Village and tell them Rochelle sent you!

The Shops at The Secret Village
2601 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, Az

Have an amazing holiday ladies!!!


I am not the biggest make-up person in the world….which is funny because I love make-up…I just don’t know how to put it on; until now! Below are some of my must haves for December because all of these items are “Rochelle Proof,” meaning that I can’t mess anything up with these products lol


I just started wearing foundation a couple of months ago because I wanted more of a flawless, finished look to my face but the problem with using foundation is that it can sometimes look caky. So I recently purchased 4 different foundation brushed at Ulta and out of the 4 brushes I fell in love with the Real Technique Expert Face Brush. This brush is specifically for blending of cream/moisturizer and liquid foundation. It is a firm brush for broad application over your face; so it will take about 4 brush strokes to cover your whole face. The maker of Real Techniques has awesome step by step tutorials for using her brushes; so I would definitely check that out! www.realtechniques.com

My next favorite must have is the Tarte Smooth Operator Concealer that is waterproof! I tend to have dark circles and this is the best concealer that I have used in a really long time because it is waterproof; so that means that I don’t have to apply more than once a day from day to evening look. I recommend going at least 2 shades lighter than your skin to give you a more refreshed look!


My last must have for December is the 24 Hour Color Tattoo from Maybelline in Painted Purple. This is such a fun color for night or day; you can apply the shadow with your finger over the eyelid and poof! you are done! This product comes in over 15 different colors. Anywhere from golds to greens….perfect for New Years!


It’s almost the new year and one of my New Years resolutions is to get my home more organized! I would say I have a clean home but in my closets and cabinets that is a different story.

So lets start with the kitchen! I recently got my kitchen remodeled and I absolutely love it but unfortunately I don’t have as much storage space as I did before; so when I saw this idea, I was so excited! It is a simple file storage container you can find at OfficeMax or even Target. Now I don’t have to have an entire drawer of foil and Saran Wrap!


I love present giving and I have wrapping paper for just about every occasion with that being said you can only imagine how many rolls of paper I have and I used to stick it under my bed until I found this great idea. All of my wrapping paper is now in my hall closet in its own little section an I love it! All you need is string and some small nails. I used 3 strands of string because some of my wrapping paper is tall.


My closet is where I spend every morning putting on my clothes and every night when I am picking out my outfit for the next day. So you can say I spend close to an hour with my closet everyday! It was time to get organized so I could see everything at a glance and be able to cut my time in half while looking for clothes.

I started labeling my jeans and dress pants for work so I know the fit of them without having to try them on with high heels or ballet flats. I used index cards from OfficeMax and punched a hole at the top and bought some purple satin ribbon to tie in it to hang on the hanger


Shoes, shoes and more shoes! I would say I have a small shoe addiction but the only problem is that I don’t have a place to put them all until now! I recently saw this picture on Pinterest and had to copy it! I went to Home Depot and bought some crown molding and poof! I now have more storage space in my closet and I love it!

I can officially say that the video is finally up and running! Hope all of you like it! Let me know what you think!



Over the past couple of months I have been working on a stylist video for my website; on my “About Me,” page. I thought it would be fun to have the camera’s peek into my fun world of fashion; a lot of the shots were staged but showed what I do with my clients and talks about how I got into the fashion world over 10 years ago.

I am so lucky to do what I absolutely love; this was really fun to shoot! I will be working on some “How To” editorials after the holidays that talk about easy ways to revamp your wardrobe! So please stay tuned for my latest videos on my blog or check out my website www.rochelleyork.com

Above is my video being edited!




The other day I came across this quote on facebook and it really made me think how lucky I am to have amazing people in my life that have helped me get to where I am today! I am lucky to have my amazing family and friends to guide me every step of the way!

I remember when this was all a dream for me at age 16, when I started my first retail job and now over 10 years later and my dream has turned into reality. So ladies if you have a dream out there go for it and dream big.




The holiday season always reminds me of prom because I get to dress up and get my makeup done for all of the fun holiday parties! So on my adventure looking for a holiday dress, I was unpleasantly surprised that there was not a large selection this year. I went to at least 4 stores until I gave up and I decided to call one of my girlfriends to come to my rescue. I went through her closet and ended up finding a beautiful Gold Sequined French Connection Dress that was perfect for the occasion!

So this is an amazing tip ladies…when in doubt; go through a friends closet to find something that works perfectly because A. You have not wore it before and B. This means you can spend more money on shoes and accessories because you didn’t have to buy a dress. 🙂 My earrings are from Guess By Marciano www.guessbymarciano.com, bag is from Michael Kors www.michaelkors.com and my shoes are from Charlotte Russe wwww.charlotterusse.com.

This year I had the pleasure of attending the Go Daddy Christmas Party; which if I had to describe in one word would be, “awesome.” The moment we walked in, there were lights beaming in all colors, a live band playing every type of music, as well as an ice sculpture being cut with a chainsaw to make the Go Daddy logo……and if that wasn’t enough to take in; there were amazing food stands of all sorts surrounding the dance floor and arcade games. We also hung out at the Oxygen bar to sample some fresh mint air!