Over the past couple of weeks I have asked my followers to send me some new ideas to talk about on my blog. Chanda recently asked to see “multiple ways to wear affordable work clothes.” So thank you Chanda for the great blog idea…I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

This navy blue dress is from Forever 21 and I paid $24 for it. I love this dress because it is comfortable and stylish for various looks you are going for. I really think it’s important to have dresses like this in your wardrobe because you can tailor different looks around it; whether it is for work or a Spring training game!
February New Camera 026
This first work look is layered with a vintage maroon motorcycle jacket, a statement piece copper necklace and a pair of black wedges. I love pairing navy with warm colors like maroon and deep plum purples; in my opinion that is when the navy color really stands out. This is more of a “casual,” work look but most women can get away with this look if you pair a light button-up neutral color sweater with it under the jacket!
February New Camera 029
Like I say “always add statement pieces before you walk out of the door.” It can truly make your entire outfit pop, like the picture shown above.

-Dress, Forever 21 $24 www.forever21.com
-Jacket, Vintage, Stole from my mom’s closet 🙂
-Shoes, Jessica Simpson/ Dillards $69 www.dillards.com
-Necklace, Forever 21 $14.50
-Sunglasses, Guess By Marciano $59 www.guessbymarciano.com
-Ring, Forever 21 $8

My next look is more of a business casual office look. I layered a thin stripe white and navy button up under the dress to give the look a different feel.
February New Camera 017
I also wanted to accessorize this outfit up with a pearl necklace, cluster diamond earrings and a tan belt. If this is too much for you, then I would just choose the jewelry or belt and not do both 🙂
February New Camera 018

-Dress, Forever 21 $24
-Button up shirt, Guess By Marciano $148
-Navy Suede Shoes,Target on sale for $15
-Belt, Francesca’s $19.50
-Pearl Necklace Forever 21 $12
-Diamond earrings Express $24

My last look is also a business casual outfit that is paired up with a burnt orange tailored jacket and a vibrant brushed gold and neutral beaded necklace that brings the looks together. I also paired this outfit with some close-toe chocolate brown booties that I absolutley love! These boots are amazing because they can work for really any look you are going for, whether it’s a dress look or skinny jean look….these boots have you covered!
February New Camera 044
February New Camera 053
February New Camera 055

-Dress, Forever 21 $24
-Jacket, Forever 21 $32
-Necklace, Forever 21 $9.80
-Boots, Forever 21 on sale for $7.80

Hope all of you enjoyed!
Style on Ladies!

There are days when I wake up and all I want to do is wear my pajamas all day while I’m running errands. But I know that I can’t do that, so I came up with the next best outfit (that was super comfy) which included a pair of black leggings, a black button up, a turquoise scarf and a pair of black Tory Burch flats (sorry I forgot to take a picture of the outfit).
Earlier this week I asked my Facebook friends for some blog ideas and one of my good friends Ann, gave me a great idea! Which brings me to my blog topic today…..Scarf Versatility!

These are 2 of my favorite scarves for Spring. The coral round scarf is from Royal BOWTiQUE and the blue and white floral scarf is from Kohls! Hope you enjoy my blog video on ways to wear these beauties!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOSbLAx6iFU&w=420&h=315]

Style on ladies!

Spring is fast approaching and it is time to start purchasing your Spring Gear! One of my favorite places to shop online is at Royal BOWTiQUE. This online BOWTiQUE is locally owned and operated, which makes me like it even more! Kylie Wright does a phenomenal job of picking all the right pieces and fabrics for her various collections.

This gold coral necklace is one of my favorites, from her collection. Corals and gold are going to be very popular this Spring!

This mint and gold necklace is a perfect statement piece to dress up a casual basic knit with a pair of jeans!

Scarves are my new best friend. I never really wore scarves until I found this beauty. Stay tuned for various ways to wear this piece!

For more tips on how to wear Royal BOWTiQUE’S statement pieces check out 3TV on February 5th at 10am on Your Life A to Z!


To get 20% off your purchase at Royal BOWTiQUE www.shoproyalbowtique.etsy.com punch in this code: YLAZ20
Also like them on Facebook! www.facebook.com/royalbowtique

All pictures shown, are by the amazing photographers Ashley and Lana Photography

Hope you enjoy the segment!

Style on Ladies!

I always look forward to the 3rd week of every month…why you ask? That means my subscriptions to: Glamour, Baazar, Vogue, Elle and In Style come in the mail. I like to dissect each magazine from beginning to end on Saturday mornings (and take notes of course) on fun “do it yourself” ideas around the home, recipes and of course THE FASHION!


Magazines like Baazar inspire me to dress in a way that expresses “Me!” I love bold prints with stripes and neon colors with nude but I can’t buy everything I see in the magazines (I don’t buy the name brands; I find everything at a discounted price). So my magazine dreamin, inspired me to write this blog post today! Must have in my closet and yours:

1. A black boyfriend blazer is a must have in your closet! You can dress this blazer up or down. I pair up this blazer with skinny jeans and a cotton tee with some converse shoes for day wear and at night I switch the converse tennis with black pointy stilettos. I also like to wear my blazers going out with bandaged dresses or high waisted mini skirts, with boho tops tucked into the skirt.

2. A pair of dark denim skinny jeans are another essential of mine because they can be worn in any type of event; dressed up or dressed down. I like the fact that I can wear wedges, stilettos, booties and knee high boots with my skinny’s. You can also purchase skinny jeans almost anywhere; my favorite skinny’s are from:
-Wet Seal
-Guess By Marciano
-G By Guess
-Forever 21

3. A little black dress should have been #1 on my list because my little black dress has saved me at weddings, bachelorette parties, fancy dinners and cruises. Black is just an elegant color in my eyes and it can be worn at all of the events I listed above. There have been times that I just accessorized with a pair of diamond studs and my wedding ring and other times where I wore bangles and a statement piece necklace…that is all up to you!

4. A nude basic top can be worn for work or for play! I would wear this top, tucked into a high waist navy blue pencil skirt with nude pumps. Then for play I would wear pair this top with faux leather leggings with gold accessories.

5. Faux Leather Leggings will never go out of style! I love this look because no matter what you pair with these leggings; I ensure you will look and feel fabulous! I would buy these faux leggings at:
-Forever 21
-G By Guess
-Guess By Marciano
-H & M (Seasonal)
-Lauren Conrad Collection (Kohls)

6. Peep Toe Stilettos are my most worn pair of shoes in my closet. They are very versatile for any look you are going for!

7. A Gold Statement Necklace is an easy piece of jewelry that can complete your entire outfit. I would wear this necklace with any of the outfits I listed above. This necklace is $98 at Lucky.

And there you have it! The 7 essentials to a better looking closet that will make you feel fabulous!

Happy Sunday <3

Style on Ladies!

It’s the job that every young girl wants and dreams of…money, fame, fashion, clothes; being made up everyday. If you haven’t guessed it already…..its the world of modeling.

This past Thursday I attended the Chasing Beauty documentary. It gave a deeper look into the “ugly side of being pretty.” This documentary will premiere on VH1 in Spring 2013 but we were able to see the special screening early with Phoenix Fashion Week.

The models throughout the documentary were truly like you and me, each and everyone of them had insecurities, struggles and faced everyday challenges. One beautiful model said in her interview that she hated her chin and thought she looked like a horse. She was also told that she needed to get her chin “fixed.” I was truly astonished when I heard this, she was simply perfection in my eyes. (Shown below)



Behind the covers of Vogue and other high fashion magazines lie the rarely talked about stories….anorexia, depression and racked up debt. Those words probably wouldn’t come to your mind when you think of models and the high fashion world but this documentary dug deep into this world and uncovered the very unflattering part of being a model.

Each year thousands of young women arrive in Los Angeles with excitement and the dream of becoming a model and leave Los Angeles feeling ugly and unwanted by any agency.

In the end I thought this documentary was very interesting (and sad) looking through the eyes of a model. I give them so much credit for having such tough skin and dealing with daily struggles.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHpaixezJXQ&w=560&h=315]


I love discovering new local designers throughout the valley of the sun and I was lucky enough to meet Alyssa Bird, the designer and owner of Regenerous Designs. Not only does she have amazing pieces but she has a great story behind them.

Alyssa takes salvaged textiles and creates handmade masterpieces. By doing this she hopes to show high end clothing companies that there is a sustainable solution to their regular contribution to landfills.

Her pieces are very versatile for any look you are going for and I love that there are various ways to wear her designs. If you are going for a casual boho look you can wrap this scarf (shown above) twice around your neck and pair it with a oversized tee and some leggings or boyfriend jeans.

This next design (shown above) is one of my favorites. Since I like to wear dresses I would pair this piece with a chocolate brown basic capped sleeve pencil dress and some knee high suede brown boots and maybe even add a delicate gold light weight necklace. The quality of her pieces are very precise and detailed and sturdy at the same time. They are great statement pieces that can tie your entire outfit together.

The designer also added necklaces to her collection. This piece is a princess cut basket weave necklace with a combination of black, knit jersey and multicolored silky spandex. All of these pieces are hand-sewn which puts a personal touch on every accessory created.

So please check this amazing local designer out!

Regenerous Designs
Alyssa Bird

Style on ladies!

Check out my newest video on my affordable finds at H&M and Wet Seal!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA9sK2gigfk&w=420&h=315]

My Outfit:
– Black Shimmer Sweater www.wetseal.com
– Gold Spike Necklace www.etsy.com “ShopRoyalBowtique”
– Gold Ring and Spike Earrings www.forever21.com


Over the past couple of months I have been working on a stylist video for my website; on my “About Me,” page. I thought it would be fun to have the camera’s peek into my fun world of fashion; a lot of the shots were staged but showed what I do with my clients and talks about how I got into the fashion world over 10 years ago.

I am so lucky to do what I absolutely love; this was really fun to shoot! I will be working on some “How To” editorials after the holidays that talk about easy ways to revamp your wardrobe! So please stay tuned for my latest videos on my blog or check out my website www.rochelleyork.com

Above is my video being edited!




The other day I came across this quote on facebook and it really made me think how lucky I am to have amazing people in my life that have helped me get to where I am today! I am lucky to have my amazing family and friends to guide me every step of the way!

I remember when this was all a dream for me at age 16, when I started my first retail job and now over 10 years later and my dream has turned into reality. So ladies if you have a dream out there go for it and dream big.



I’ve always loved the look of faux fur because it truly looks like the real deal…but you don’t have to wear the guilt. This past weekend I went to Tempe Market Place to do some early Christmas shopping and in the Wet Seal window display there it was….the fur vest of my dreams!

What I like about this vest (shown above in the left corner) is that you can dress it down with leggings and flat combat boots or dress it up with rolled up jeans and stilettos. One of my friends that is newly pregnant asked me to post some outfits for pregnant women so here you go Ashley, I hope you like it!

You can find faux fur almost anywhere. Lately I have found the vest at the store sites listed below:






I also think this is a great look for the holiday season because in Arizona we can’t wear fur jackets because it’s too darn hot!

Fur on! <3