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New Series Dynasty!

This past week I was invited to The CW viewing party for the new series Dynasty, at the beautiful Mountain Shadows Resort in Paradise Valley. It was fun to watch the season premiere with other fellow lifestyle and fashion bloggers all dolled up for the occasion. We popped some bubbly and celebrated all things glam […]

It’s Official… I am a SeneGence/LipSense Distributor!

So excited to announce that I am now a SeneGence Distributor (better known as the company that sells “LipSense”). SeneGence is a privately owned, network marketing company that is in the business of developing and selling personal care products through an independent sales network (aka ME). If you can believe it, in 1999 Lipsense made […]

Toddler Approved Restaurants in the East Valley

We love eating out and do it at least twice a week. We have tried a variety of restaurants but have found our favorites and wanted to share them with you so you can try them out too! Since we have a toddler (that is almost TWO!) we had to be unique with our choices […]

Breast-Milk Jewelry

My breastfeeding journey was a lot of blood, sweat and tears but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed my daughter until she was 18 months old and we both loved every minute of it. As soon as I went back to work I started my […]

2017 Spring Fashion

I know! I know! It’s not even March yet and I am already talking about spring. Over the past week I have seen a lot of new spring trends on the runway and a nice surprise is that it is nothing like years prior. No more denim, floral (yes I said floral) or metallic this spring, […]

Mom Life Essentials

Being a mom not only means caring for your little one, loving them unconditionally and putting them first in your life but it also means that you can’t do it alone. I am lucky enough to have my family and close friends but on top of that I need my “essentials” to get through the […]

Mom Life (is the best life)

This has been my first blog post since October and I am sad that I have not been documenting (through my blog) the last 8 1/2 months of my now “mom stylist life.” It has been a journey and boy do I give all of the moms out there a lot of credit because being […]

In Love.

When I would ask mother’s what it felt like to be a mother, they could never really explain it to me because they said that it was an, “unexplainable feeling.” Now I completely understand what they meant. This past month (September) has truly been the best month of my life because we got to meet […]

Hospital Bag Essentials (for you and baby)

So, I am a first time mom and for me everything you have to read up on and learn is a little overwhelming before baby get’s here. What type of breast pump if you’re breastfeeding, swaddle blankets (what type to get), car seats, strollers and the list goes on and on and on. But what […]

Is This Nesting?

I have read an insane amount of books on pregnancy and how to prepare for our amazing bundle of joy but I would have to say the most fun I have had during pregnancy is buying her cute little outfits and styling them (it’s the personal stylist in me I think). She already has a […]