I know! I know! It’s not even March yet and I am already talking about spring. Over the past week I have seen a lot of new spring trends on the runway and a nice surprise is that it is nothing like years prior. No more denim, floral (yes I said floral) or metallic this spring, it’s all about the structured look.

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The runway showcased a lot of white shirt dresses with interesting waistlines and very unique hemlines, but what I like about these looks is that you can actually wear them off the runway. Simply by adding a fitted blazer, this look above can be worn to work and if you are meeting friends for cocktails after work, lose the blazer and add a skinny belt to give this dress a totally different look!

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Next look is probably my favorite (even though it wasn’t on the runway) the off the shoulder, flowy sleeve combo! Off the shoulder tops, dresses and rompers are a really popular trend with fashion bloggers and a lot of stylists on Instagram and I don’t see this trend going away any time soon. So make sure to stock up!

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I also love the over-exaggerated sleeves, they are truly a statement piece within themselves and don’t need much accessorizing. You will also see a lot of slashes in the sleeves this year as well as ruffles at the wrist, to give the blouse an extra kick.

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Whoever said pain is beauty is wrong this spring because it’s all about the flashy sneakers…yes you heard correct sneakers, not wedges, stiletto’s or gladiators “SNEAKERS.” This is very exciting news to me because I am a busy mom that is always on the go and although I like to wear heels when I meet with clients or I am working during the week but when I am out and about with my little one I need to be comfortable (because I am typically chasing after her). You will see a lot of rose gold, golds and neutrals this season with some glitter and lace.

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2016 was all about the choker and in 2017 it is all about the long delicate pendants. I am excited for the choker trend to die out (even though I bought them in every color and attempted to wear them). Chokers are truly just not meant for everyone, being a shorter person with a short torso, this was something that was not flattering on my body type, but the tall beautiful ladies out there can work it wearing a choker.

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Graphic tees with a message. Everyone loves them because they are comfortable, easy to accessorize and are a great conversation starter. These tees have been popular over the past couple of seasons but they are coming in full effect on the runway this spring.


So there you have it! My top picks this spring. To catch up on more spring trends tune in to Mix 96.9 this Monday, February 20th at 8:08am (you can also tune in online).

Style on ladies and gents!