The holiday season always reminds me of prom because I get to dress up and get my makeup done for all of the fun holiday parties! So on my adventure looking for a holiday dress, I was unpleasantly surprised that there was not a large selection this year. I went to at least 4 stores until I gave up and I decided to call one of my girlfriends to come to my rescue. I went through her closet and ended up finding a beautiful Gold Sequined French Connection Dress that was perfect for the occasion!

So this is an amazing tip ladies…when in doubt; go through a friends closet to find something that works perfectly because A. You have not wore it before and B. This means you can spend more money on shoes and accessories because you didn’t have to buy a dress. 🙂 My earrings are from Guess By Marciano www.guessbymarciano.com, bag is from Michael Kors www.michaelkors.com and my shoes are from Charlotte Russe wwww.charlotterusse.com.

This year I had the pleasure of attending the Go Daddy Christmas Party; which if I had to describe in one word would be, “awesome.” The moment we walked in, there were lights beaming in all colors, a live band playing every type of music, as well as an ice sculpture being cut with a chainsaw to make the Go Daddy logo……and if that wasn’t enough to take in; there were amazing food stands of all sorts surrounding the dance floor and arcade games. We also hung out at the Oxygen bar to sample some fresh mint air!


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