Forget the heels its fall and time to give your poor feet a rest! These chocolate brown studded boots are a must have this season. What I love about the style of these boots is that you can wear them with just about anything! They look great with dark skinny jeans and a boho top, or with a free flowing dress and leather jacket.

The best part about these boots is that they are comfortable you can find them at almost any retail store. You can find the boots shown above at Nordstrom www.nordstrom.com

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Stud on ladies!


Pores…everybody has them but nobody wants them. I have tried everything to minimize, erase and hide them but nothing has actually worked like it said it would on the box……until Benefits Porefessional Minimizer. 🙂

After you moisturize in the am, apply Porefessional over your pores, then you can apply your everyday make up and POOF your pores are almost invisible.

Ulta Beauty always carries Benefit products with fun incentives. Check out their website this week to see what sales they have on their products <3 please let me know what you think!


Start making your Mondays fun…….with your work attire! I got this entire outfit for under $100!

The striped dress is from Wet Seal and the jacket is from Michael Kors (at a huge discount) the belt came in a pack of 3 at Forever 21 and the necklace is from Divaz Boutique.

Try to do all your shopping at the end of the month because that is when most stores do their markdowns to bring in the new items. So you will get your fund finds and a discount.

I love pairing different prints together, as well as colors! It makes the outfit really stand out. I also like that you can take off the leopard jacket for a happy hour or date after work and it looks like you went home to freshen up:)

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Fall colors are my favorite. All of the reds, oranges, deep purples and golds scream fall in my book and I love it! This entire outfit I am wearing (including the clothing and shoes minus jewelry) were all under $100. My top is from Forever 21, my lace shorts are from Divaz Boutique at Tempe Market Place and my shoes are from the new Nordstrom Rack on Camelback in Phoenix.

I would also pair my knit shorts with a plum purple top, accessorized with chunky turquoise and gold jewelry to add some fun flare! Style on ladies:)


Fall is officially here…even though it does not feel like it outside in 84 degree weather; it’s time to pull out the tights! We I came across these beauties I had to share! I feel like every where I go I see ombre. Ombre hair, ombre tops, ombre nails and now ombre tights! I love them….I feel that they are even appropriate to wear in the office with a black pencil skirt with a basic tucked in top! I would probably wear the ombre tights with closed toe Mary Jane shoes or black Lauren Conrad stilettos ( Lauren Conrad stilettos are heels that have a platform underneath the toe!). These tights you can find at any department store (Dillards, Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc.)


I wanted to give a special shout out to Ashley and Lana Photography for an amazing shoot this past weekend! I had so much fun working with them and seeing their passion for photography through the eyes of their camera lens. These two women have a very abstract and artistic approach when taking pictures. If you go to their site www.ashleyandlanaphotography.me you will see all of their fun and colorful photo shoots anywhere from maternity pictures to senior portraits.

Thanks again ladies for a fun shoot!

Sometimes when I wake up on a Saturday morning I want to put on something casual and comfy but I want it look like I tried and I found just the top! I found this cute white sweetheart cut top at Forever 21…yes ladies you read this correct FOREVER 21. This is probably one of my favorite stores when I want to try out a new look at an affordable price.

I love that you can pair this sweetheart top with a pair of dark denim jeans or even a cute black pencil skirt with a coral boyfriend jacket for work and take the jacket off for happy hour later that day. This is definitely a top that you can dress up or dress down for any occasion.

So next time when you are walking by a Forever 21 store…walk in and look through some fun finds.


This past Sunday I stumbled across an amazing, fun, girly store called Kitty at the Scottsdale Quarter! It is filled with great gifts for any age; any where from Hello Kitty lip gloss to ice cream sandwich throw pillows for your couch! Kitty is a one stop shop if you are looking for a unique gift for someone or just want to buy something fun for yourself! The owner is great; he even let us shoot in his beautiful store…pictures will be out very soon….

Kitty-Scottsdale Quarter
15037 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Az 85254

Gel nail polish is the ultimate craze this year; the perks of gel is that it lasts longer, doesn’t chip and it comes in a million colors. I have found a lot of cool ideas in magazines and Pinterest which is my new best friend (thank you Kelsey Hanes for introducing me to it). Don’t think ombre is just for your hair; it can also be for your nail polish too…it starts with a dark color at the tip of your nail and the blends into a lighter color.

I also love the one bling nail as seen in the picture above; it really adds some spunk and flair and goes with any outfit or can bring some more bling into your life! So next time you get your manicure make sure to ask them about gel nail polish..but I warn you this can be dangerous because you are going to officially be obsessed!

If you want to try out a Gel Manicure, check out:

AZ Tip and Toes Nails in Tempe

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Gel on ladies….<;3

Clueless was a movie that I lived by when I was 10 years old….and maybe still to this day at age 27. I always dreamed of having a computer program where all my clothes and accessories were linked in and I could choose my outfit with a touch of a button. I know that is not real life but I know that I love fashion, whether it’s picking out nail polish to go with the current season or getting a Bazaar Magazine in the mail and trying to find all of the $20,000 pieces at Forever 21 or Dillards for under $50.

Recently I decided to start a website to personally style locals here in Arizona….and I thought it would be fun to start a blog to show current styles and fashion at a fraction of the cost of a high-end retailer.

I truly believe that what you wear mimics how you feel that day at that very moment. If you are wearing a pair of plain dress slacks that you wear every Monday because you know that it’s comfortable and easy then I guarantee that you will have an ok day…but if you are wearing something that makes you smile; whether it is a bright magenta scarf, nude top with your favorite comfortable slacks, your mood will change.

So add more color in your life and I guarantee that it will start your day off in a better mood!