Clueless was a movie that I lived by when I was 10 years old….and maybe still to this day at age 27. I always dreamed of having a computer program where all my clothes and accessories were linked in and I could choose my outfit with a touch of a button. I know that is not real life but I know that I love fashion, whether it’s picking out nail polish to go with the current season or getting a Bazaar Magazine in the mail and trying to find all of the $20,000 pieces at Forever 21 or Dillards for under $50.

Recently I decided to start a website to personally style locals here in Arizona….and I thought it would be fun to start a blog to show current styles and fashion at a fraction of the cost of a high-end retailer.

I truly believe that what you wear mimics how you feel that day at that very moment. If you are wearing a pair of plain dress slacks that you wear every Monday because you know that it’s comfortable and easy then I guarantee that you will have an ok day…but if you are wearing something that makes you smile; whether it is a bright magenta scarf, nude top with your favorite comfortable slacks, your mood will change.

So add more color in your life and I guarantee that it will start your day off in a better mood!