Gel nail polish is the ultimate craze this year; the perks of gel is that it lasts longer, doesn’t chip and it comes in a million colors. I have found a lot of cool ideas in magazines and Pinterest which is my new best friend (thank you Kelsey Hanes for introducing me to it). Don’t think ombre is just for your hair; it can also be for your nail polish too…it starts with a dark color at the tip of your nail and the blends into a lighter color.

I also love the one bling nail as seen in the picture above; it really adds some spunk and flair and goes with any outfit or can bring some more bling into your life! So next time you get your manicure make sure to ask them about gel nail polish..but I warn you this can be dangerous because you are going to officially be obsessed!

If you want to try out a Gel Manicure, check out:

AZ Tip and Toes Nails in Tempe

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Gel on ladies….<;3