Nebraska, the origin of a dream nurtured in the midst of corn fields and cattle drives. Personalities of sisters and nieces transformed into style names for her clothing. The cattle brand became a logo for the JHaus Brand. Her designs represent strength and durability, the real American roots. That’s JHaus.

Jennifer Hausmann, owner and designer of JHaus Brand is an inspiration. We had met for coffee and that quick coffee chat turned into a great coffee date! 🙂 Jennifer’s passion is completely contagious and I had the pleasure of styling a fashion show she was featured in, back in March. Before styling I was in retail for over 11 years and have seen my fair share of denim (working at various clothing companies that specialize in denim) and I have never seen the quality and color that JHaus denim carries before. My favorites are the Rebecca Colored Skinny and the Emmie Skinny. When washing denim there is always a worry that the denim itself can lighten or look old after one wash but I have washed my colored denim a couple of times (inside out) and they still look brand new!

Owner Jennifer Hausmann JHaus


JHaus not only carries jeans but they carry tops, jackets and skirts too! The dress shown above has been down various catwalks around the U.S. This dress is actually made out of burlap and couldn’t look more elegant!

For my fun JHaus shoot I wanted to have a lot of color to reflect a summer vacation. Below are my two favorite pairs of denim paired with clothes out of my closet! Hope you enjoy!





Top: Guess By Marciano
Jeans: JHaus Brand
Shoes: Guess By Marciano (2 years old)
Earrings: Guess By Marciano (2 years old)






Top: Forever 21
Jeans: JHaus Brand
Necklace: Target
Earrings: Forever 21
Bracelet: Wet Seal
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack


This is a new wash JHaus is a wash they will be carrying online soon as well as in stores. If you are in Arizona and want to purchase her collection go to Clothes Minded in Phoenix or online at JHaus or Zappos.

Style on Ladies and Gents!


When I was a kid the only thing I ever wanted to do was play Barbies, I could play with them for hours on end. At times my mom would check on me because she wouldn’t hear a peep out of my room and was worried…..and there I was playing with my dolls in their pink mansion and pink corvette. Little did I know at the time, Barbie was as unrealistic as a pink unicorn. 🙂


Today I stumbled across an article by the Huffington Post, “Barbie’s Proportions On A Real Woman Are Mildly Terrifying.” The picture below explains it all.


This is a picture of an average women in the United States and in black, is an outline of a Mattel Barbie Doll. This is an astonishing picture. If this outline was the size of a person; they would not have any room to hold any vital organs, and their skinny ankles and child-size feet would make it necessary to walk on all fours.

Illustrator Nickolay Lamm put together a Barbie, based on what she would look like if she had normal measurements. In comparison, when scaled up to human size, Barbie dolls would have unhealthy measurements of an 18″ waist, 33″ hips and a 36″ bust compared with the typical 19-year-old girl’s 31″ waist, 33″ hips and a 32″ bust.





Lamm said: “My last Barbie project got a lot of criticism because Barbie is a toy and people argued that a toy can’t do any harm.” Lamm is referring to a project he undertook after a picture of Barbie without make-up went viral, where he mocked up pictures of other dolls to show what they would look like without make-up. (Shown Below)



Thanks for reading my fun finds…style on ladies and gentlemen.



Simplicity and elegance define his brand and his looks are both sexy and sophisticated. I had the privilege of working with the talented Khanh Nguyen, owner and designer of, “Envy By Khanh.” From a young age, Khanh’s interests and skills prepared him to become a global fashion designer.


His passion for fashion, paired with a finesse for drawing and sketching, led him to aspirations of becoming a designer that could inspire future generations. Khanh is inspired by designers such as Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and Vera Wang. Bold Lines, bold colors and bold geometric shapes make Envy By Khanh immediately recognizable.

Sketch 2

His looks are typically seen on the runway; so I thought it would be fun to shoot his looks on “real women,” in Arizona. I had the pleasure of working with photographer Jolene Eder with Lemon Heart Photography and make up artist/ stylist Janae Shields (that is a part of my style team). Also special thanks to Jenna Michelle for her hair styling touch! (Below is a shot of the amazing team the day of the shoot!


My vision for this shoot was fun and flirty but at the same time can be transitioned for day or night with just a simple jacket or boyfriend blazer as a layering piece. Every piece from Khanh’s collection has amazing color-blocking and shaping. It makes any and every woman feel beautiful and sexy the moment they slip one of his dresses on. Below are various dresses from his collection that were my favorites! Please make sure to also check out his video below!

I love how just adding a jacket can change the whole look of the dress.



lh.IMG_4459 copy

lh.IMG_4551 copy




lh.IMG_4778 copy


Below is an interview with Khanh from Phoenix Fashion Week


Style On Ladies and Gentlemen!


I look forward to my Monday evenings because I usually get my nails and toes done; it puts a happy spin on my Mondays! I have been going to Azul Day Spa for the past couple months and I have fallen in love! There are so many fun designs and nail art to choose from that I thought it would be fun to post some nail art that will hopefully inspire you to use! All of these designs are with gel nail polish or gel coats (if you’re looking for a manicure that lasts longer than your usual week, consider a gel polish manicure as a substitute for the original manicure. Not only will you be potentially protecting your nails from the repeated wear of original manicures, you’ll also be coating your nail in a protective case of gel and vitamin E).

The picture on the left corner is from Pinterest and the picture in the right top corner is my nails done by Azul Day Spa! I didn’t want to have glitter on every single nail because I thought it was too busy for me since the glitter was very chunky; so I decided just to try one nail on each hand and “POOF” a fun new design!

Fun ombre look with a cool summer color!

Another great color for the summer or even spring!

This is one of my favorite colors because I feel that it goes with everything!

This is a very popular shaped nail that I have been seeing a lot of in various fashion magazines!

I love this simple yet fun nail design. You can do this with almost any color underneath the glitter!

From the looks of it…I am picking a lot of nail colors that I would wear during the summer time! This is one of them! I love the different ombre colors intertwined together. It is a perfect touch for summer!

What girl doesn’t LOVE glitter?

This reminds me of spring-time in San Diego (I have no idea why?)

I hope I inspired you to try something new next time you get your nails done <3

Style on Ladies and Gentlemen and Happy Fourth!



From left to right:
1. Behind the scenes of a commercial shoot
2. Look of the day 🙂
3. Emerging Designers Reveal (Phoenix Fashion Week June 2013)
4. Pablo being Pablo
5. My new fashion-guest blogger!
6. Looks for a photo-shoot
7. One of the models from the shoot
8. Me and the hubs at dinner
9. Loved the cassette wall at lunch
10. Amen!
11. Officially hit 2000 “likes” on Facebook!!!
12. Love MAC make-up
13. My favorite dress from Envy By Khanh
14. Driving to my 10 year high school reunion
15. Seniors Class of 2003!
16. Brainstorming ideas for the month of July on the blog

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Over the weekend I was reading various fashion blogs from around the world; written by men and women of all ages. It was fun to see the different styles from various age groups. I like to think that I have a wide variety of style from fun and girly to business casual and then to bohemian sheek…. but then what about the other styles out there?! So I thought it would be a great idea to have a Fashion-Guest Blogger on Ro’s Style Blog.


So please email me at and send me your topic ideas for the blog along with a picture of yourself! I will be picking the Fashion-Guest Blogger on Saturday, June 22!

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Style on Ladies and Gentlemen <3


This Saturday I had the pleasure of working with Allie Olson, owner of Allie Ollie Boutique and designer of the Ensemble line. The funny story behind this, is after she asked me to style her show through email; I looked her up on facebook and realized that we went to broadcasting summer camp together over 11 years ago. I even have proof! Below is a picture we took during summer camp at a Phoenix Suns game and the picture underneath is us at a Phoenix Fashion Week Meet Up event a couple of weeks ago! Boy have times changed….and I lost my cheeks! 🙂


This fashion show not only was fun but went to a great cause! By bringing in pieces of clothing for the Sojourner Center (that provides temporary homes as well as programs that teach self-sufficiency, empowerment, and family skills, which helps women from domestic violence rebuild their lives and re-enter society) you received 50% off your purchase at Allie Ollie.

photo 2

The pieces in the ENSEMBLE line are all about redefining mix and match style; they are designed for versatility and fun (as always) for women of all ages. All pieces are machine washable, made in the USA, and are great for either career or travel dressing because everything is wrinkle free.

photo 1

All of the hang tags for the line were shot in the heart of Arizona, outside in the beautiful desert.

photo 3

photo 10

Couldn’t have done it without my amazing style team! Thank you so much ladies for making everything backstage calm, cool and collective! Special thanks to Audree and Janae that helped me style!

More backstage pictures:

photo 5

photo 8




Runway pictures to come…stay tuned!

Happy Sunday. Style on!


I am so excited to announce that I will be teaming up with Dillards locally here in Arizona; letting you in on the scoop and great deals in their Arizona locations!


I am super excited to talk about an event going on in their watch department today through Sunday (April 5th- April 7th). It’s a “Watch Trade-In Event,” all you have to do is bring in any clean, used watch and receive a discount on any regular priced watch.

-Save $15 on a watch value at $50-$75
-Save $25 on a watch valued at $76-$125
-Save $40 on a watch valued at $126-$199
-Save $50 on a watch valued at $200 or more

zphoto 1


The unique part about this event is that all of the used watches brought in will be donated to the local charity; Florence Crittenton. Their mission is supported by their vision of being the national leader in changing the future for girls. They do this by: Achieving excellence in all they do, growing to serve all girls in need and being the foremost expert in gender-specific services for girls.

Florence Crittenton of Arizona is a non-profit 501C(3) organization that has served Arizona’s girls and their families for well more than a century. Today we offer a comprehensive continuum of care designed to help at-risk girls from 10 to 21 overcome issues of abuse, neglect, teen pregnancy, teen parenting, and behavioral and/or mental health problems.

So make sure to stop in Dillards this weekend!

Have an amazing Friday and Style On! 🙂