I look forward to my Monday evenings because I usually get my nails and toes done; it puts a happy spin on my Mondays! I have been going to Azul Day Spa for the past couple months and I have fallen in love! There are so many fun designs and nail art to choose from that I thought it would be fun to post some nail art that will hopefully inspire you to use! All of these designs are with gel nail polish or gel coats (if you’re looking for a manicure that lasts longer than your usual week, consider a gel polish manicure as a substitute for the original manicure. Not only will you be potentially protecting your nails from the repeated wear of original manicures, you’ll also be coating your nail in a protective case of gel and vitamin E).

The picture on the left corner is from Pinterest and the picture in the right top corner is my nails done by Azul Day Spa! I didn’t want to have glitter on every single nail because I thought it was too busy for me since the glitter was very chunky; so I decided just to try one nail on each hand and “POOF” a fun new design!

Fun ombre look with a cool summer color!

Another great color for the summer or even spring!

This is one of my favorite colors because I feel that it goes with everything!

This is a very popular shaped nail that I have been seeing a lot of in various fashion magazines!

I love this simple yet fun nail design. You can do this with almost any color underneath the glitter!

From the looks of it…I am picking a lot of nail colors that I would wear during the summer time! This is one of them! I love the different ombre colors intertwined together. It is a perfect touch for summer!

What girl doesn’t LOVE glitter?

This reminds me of spring-time in San Diego (I have no idea why?)

I hope I inspired you to try something new next time you get your nails done <3

Style on Ladies and Gentlemen and Happy Fourth!


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