When I was a kid the only thing I ever wanted to do was play Barbies, I could play with them for hours on end. At times my mom would check on me because she wouldn’t hear a peep out of my room and was worried…..and there I was playing with my dolls in their pink mansion and pink corvette. Little did I know at the time, Barbie was as unrealistic as a pink unicorn. 🙂


Today I stumbled across an article by the Huffington Post, “Barbie’s Proportions On A Real Woman Are Mildly Terrifying.” The picture below explains it all.


This is a picture of an average women in the United States and in black, is an outline of a Mattel Barbie Doll. This is an astonishing picture. If this outline was the size of a person; they would not have any room to hold any vital organs, and their skinny ankles and child-size feet would make it necessary to walk on all fours.

Illustrator Nickolay Lamm put together a Barbie, based on what she would look like if she had normal measurements. In comparison, when scaled up to human size, Barbie dolls would have unhealthy measurements of an 18″ waist, 33″ hips and a 36″ bust compared with the typical 19-year-old girl’s 31″ waist, 33″ hips and a 32″ bust.





Lamm said: “My last Barbie project got a lot of criticism because Barbie is a toy and people argued that a toy can’t do any harm.” Lamm is referring to a project he undertook after a picture of Barbie without make-up went viral, where he mocked up pictures of other dolls to show what they would look like without make-up. (Shown Below)



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