Picking out a swimsuit should be a fun process but for most it’s not. A lot of my clients have been asking me to pull swimsuits for them during their shopping appointments. I’ve noticed that when they walk into the fitting room and see the swimsuits hanging they are instantly unsure and hesitant to try on. I assure them that I know it will look great on them and just to try it on……..and “POOF” they fall in love. It’s all about knowing what looks good on your body! Below is a little guide to help you find the perfect swimsuit for your body type this summer!

Petite and Short
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This swimsuit is perfect for the petite body type because the cut of the top and bottom elongates the torso making someone who has a short torso look long and lean. This top also has a small amount of padding to help form the suit to your chest (this top compliments women with a small chest). I also feel that this color scheme is perfect for any color skin tone.

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Sweetheart cut is probably my favorite cut in tops, dresses and of course swimsuits! This look can help minimize large chests while it helps support with the halter around the neck. Usually I say “no” with stripes on swimsuits but this style looks great and really helps shape your body because of the print on the sides of the swimsuit!

Curvy (Another Style)
If you want more of a sexy look I recommend going black, nude or red. This suit camouflages larger chests and shows off your beautiful curves!

Tummy Issues
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For those that have tummy issues help is on it’a way. This sleek, black nylon suit is perfect to hide those problem areas as well as exsentuate your beautiful curvy body. Also, when looking for a swimsuit that hides your tummy look for spandex/nylon because that material with help support your body.

Larger Thighs
Black will NEVER go out of style; that is why I always have at least one black swimsuit in almost every style. This low v-neck is sexy and sophisticated and can be worn at any age. This style is also very flattering to larger thighs because it minimizes

Athletic Body Type
Another style that is fun and flirty and gives you curves (that you may not already have) is this amazing colorful one piece with a little bit of flair. This swimsuit is perfect for someone that does not have any curves because once you try it on, it automatically gives you the hourglass shape with the peplum near the hip line!

So I hope this helps you on the first day of summer picking the swimsuit that looks and feels amazing!

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