When I first found out I was pregnant I had all of these exciting plans: to blog about my pregnancy and what I was feeling every week, to take as many pictures as possible to share with all of you and to show you preggo mama’s where to shop and still look fashionable while pregnant. Well I am almost 20 weeks in and I haven’t posted anything. I have starting writing a journal for our little one on what I have been feeling every week and what I have been craving but haven’t posted anything on my site 🙁 So I am making a promise with all of my followers and clients, that I will start posting more especially about fashion for mama’s to be. Thank you for all of your support and sweet emails I have been receiving the past 3 months, and the main question I have been asked is “where do I shop now that I’m pregnant?”

Well my new favorite stores are surprisingly online, Asos Maternity is my new “go to” and is about 60% of my maternity gear. I work full time and when my clients see me I am probably in stilettos and a dress and I promise that won’t change (well wearing dresses that is). I have been told by other pregnant mama’s to be that are further along than I am, that I should kiss my heels goodbye when I hit about 8 months and to be perfectly honest I am totally ok with that. I am kind of excited to be (forced by baby lol) to wear ballet flats and more wedges, I am sure my feet and legs will thank me. So over the past 5 months I have been pampering myself and getting lots of pedi’s and reading a lot about what’s to come during our pregnancy.


This was my first official gift from our little one (bought by daddy), I got a Pandora bracelet years ago for my birthday and since then I have been collecting charms for special occasions given to me by my loved ones and this year’s charms were extra special.


Pablo definitely knows somethings growing in my belly, he just doesn’t know what but I can tell he loves it already because he seems to be guarding my belly a lot more than he ever has before 🙂


Next couple posts over the next 2 weeks will be focusing on pregnancy fashion so stay tuned.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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