Every now and then I like to drag my husband from behind the camera to the front. Today’s blog is all about men’s fashion on a budget. Mat’s entire outfit is under $100. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be stylish and feel comfortable. Mat is a comfortable dresser; so that means he doesn’t like to layer but in this case I don’t think he has to because he is wearing a printed shirt as well as neutral tone bottoms that give this outfit the pop it needs without having to layer or add a lot of accessories (and men, I don’t mean jewelry…I mean accessories like: hats, vests, etc.)

personal stylist


personal stylist

I had to add these pictures below because I was hysterically laughing when I asked Mat to pose for the camera (this is what he gave me)…..man I love this guy 😉

personal stylist arizona

personal stylist phoenix


Shirt, Forever 21 | Grey Jeans, Target | Reef Shoes, Nordstrom Rack | Watch, Guess | Wedding Ring, Spirit Bee |

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