This year Phoenix Fashion Week debuted their show on October 3rd at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The moment I stepped out of the elevator and into the Style Villa, I immediately was in fashion heaven. The Villa was in full swing with my favorite pieces from Shawl Dawls and The Shine Project and many others. As I found my seat I could feel the energy from the audience and the PFW staff. I am a part time people watcher at fashion shows and my part time job was in full effect that evening:). Everyone in the audience was on their style “A” game and looked stunning.

Fashion By Robert Black started out the show very strong with his colorful vintage collection that had a western theme that looked amazing on the runway. His styling touch was on point with every model that came out. Below are some of my favorites!




The Shawl Dawl’s collection is so very different from last year….the word I would use for this years collection is FIERCE! Their theme was “The Dawl Factory,” all of the models were wearing nude stockings and body suits underneath the shawls to make them look more “dawl,” like with black smokey eyes and nude lips….which I loved. The makeup and hair tied all of the looks together and I absolutely loved their show!



Shawl Dawls

Black Russian Label’s designs were very different and artistic and nothing that you can get in boutiques pieced together. Standing alone I would definitley wear her pieces but the way that some of the looks were put together, I wouldn’t generally wear on a daily basis (more so for a special occassion). I feel like I would see her looks pieced this way in New York or LA.



Black Russian Label

Brandon McDonald from Project Runway season 12 showcased his newest collection and reminded me of Spring Paradise in Fiji. I pretty much wanted everything from his collection especially the nude ruffle two-piece suit. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!



Brandon McDonald

Linden’s collection was very soft and had a free spirited feel. Loved the light denim look paired against lighter colors and patterns. My favorite look was the denim and plaid jumpsuit (for those of you that know me, know that I own close to 15 jumpsuits and 30 rompers). Her looks can easily be transitioned to your closet and accessorized with simple pieces like a delicate gold necklace.




I wish it was still summer after seeing Dolcessa’s collection on the runway! I loved each and every one of her suits; the color combinations were on point and complemented each other and the headpieces by Melis Accessories were a perfect touch (can’t wait to get my hands on one!) Some of her pieces have already been seen in Sports Illustrated Magazine.






The energy from the first model that walked out on stage in Loin Cloth LA looks was contagious! All of the models seemed to really like what they were wearing because these guys were strutting their stuff and their jewels were a perfect fit by Clutch Jewelry! Loin Clothes pieces were very colorful and definitely stand out in men’s apparel. As a personal stylist it is sometimes hard to find bold and fun prints for men. I am excited to see what boutiques in Arizona will carry their brand because I can think of a few clients that would love their looks.





Loin Cloth

I had to add this picture of the two designers because I love their expressions and how happy they are! Congrats guys I am so happy for you and all of your accomplishments…A Penny And A Plan!

I was extremely impressed with designer Medium Apparel! When I saw the first woman model walk onto the runway I was excited. He took a chance and did a great job doing it. I loved the high waist a-lined leather looking skirt. I would buy that skirt in a heartbeat and can pair with just about anything in my closet; I also like how he coupled the look with a black graphic tee.



Meduim Apparel

Over all the 2nd night of Phoenix Fashion Week was a huge success. I had a great time and now feel like I need to go shopping to find a nude ruffled suit! <3

12st night



Runway Photo Credits: Dan Tabar Photography and Stephen Yap Photography

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