If you are reading this and live in Arizona; you will completely understand my blog today….for the others….you are going to think I’m a dork!

Over the past couple weeks I have had a hard time putting outfits together for this FREEZING weather and when I say freezing; I mean 43 degrees (Don’t judge me I am a native here). But I am lucky enough to have amazing friends and we had our Secret Santa Party a little late this year and one of the presents I received from my secret santa (thanks Monica) was this Charcoal Grey thick knitted sweater from Divaz Boutique (Shown Below)
What I love about this over-sized sweater is that I am short enough that I can wear it as a dress (with leggings underneath of course). Over-sized sweaters have really been a trend this Fall into winter and I am in love with this trend!
This sweater has a built-in scarf which gives it a very fun and different look; I decided not to wear a necklace with it because it would then look to busy. That is why I stuck with my bold, silver earrings (from Wet Seal 2010) to compliment the look!

I am also wearing a black out long sleeve shirt to go underneath my sweater to add a bit of spunk! I love the cut outs for my thumbs! Last but not least is my fun, vibrant statement piece ring from Forever 21 that I try to put with every outfit because I love the ring!

So next time when you are walking by a over-sized sweater on the rack; try it on and I guarantee you will love it!

Style on Ladies!
Ro <3