It has been quite sometime since I have posted and that is because life has been pretty busy with styling my amazing clients and growing a human inside of me! Yes, I can say that I am officially pregnant and couldn’t be more thrilled! It is truly life changing and so amazing at the same time. This will be the first child my husband and I have (well I should count Pablo as my first child lol) so let’s say this is our first “human child.”

One night while I was trying to sleep, I was surfing through Pintrest and saw fun baby announcements. I know that I wanted to do something different so my husband and I took “baby announcement,” pictures by the lovely and talented Ashley Lorraine Photography. We then picked out our favorites and sent the announcements by snail mail to our loved ones. So one by one we were getting texts and phone calls from family and friends (most of them in shock but completely thrilled for us). In a way I still am in shock that I am pregnant, it is truly a wonderful feeling and I cannot wait to meet our little one and make our family complete.

personal stylist az

personal stylist az

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Be sure to check back in because I will be blogging about what to wear when your pregnant, that is affordable and fashionable!

Style On Ladies and Gents!

Momma Ro

Everyone has their favorite pair of shoes, favorite blazer that they try to pair with everything in their closet and their favorite shade of lipstick that is perfect for the season! Below are my favorites at the moment!


My first fav is a new primer from Benefit called “Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer.” The difference between this primer and other primers out there, is that this primer is more like a balm. So you will first wash your face, moisturize, apply the primer balm and then apply your foundation or compact and POOF! You have a great 15 hour stay.


These glosses are oldies but goodies NYX! I love that they have a matte finish to them and the lip color lasts for about 6 hours without re-applying 🙂 Another plus is that these babies are only $6 a pop at Ulta! My favorite color at the moment is “Sydney,” it is a pale pink color that is perfect for summer!


Love this black fringe bag from H&M and for only $30 I get a lot of use out of it and it’s also big enough to hold my laptop! I don’t know what it is about fringe this summer but I am seeing it everywhere!


I love a statement piece that can be paired with various looks in my closet. The crystal color stone earrings from J.Crew go with just about everything. I would wear the earrings with almost every color (black, nude, brown, plum purple, turquoise, lime green and coral).


I love to wear maxi dresses! They are so comfortable and easy to wear in the summer time! This maxi is from Privity Boutique in Gilbert. I also like to pair this maxi with a light denim vest or jacket. Another fav at the moment is this gold head-piece. I bought mine at Forever 21 a few months ago and I just love it because I don’t have to accessorize too much because it’s a statement piece within itself 🙂 I always make sure to piece my hair down the middle and lay the t-shaped head piece down the middle of my head. I wear this look when I have straight hair because the head-piece seems to stay in place.


Last but not least is this black jumpsuit I bought at Bebe! It is simple, yet elegant. I recently wore this beauty to a cocktail party with one of my beautiful girlfriends! It was a very comfortable look that I paired with a bright necklace.

Style On Ladies and Gents!

Ro <3


Pores…everybody has them but nobody wants them. I have tried everything to minimize, erase and hide them but nothing has actually worked like it said it would on the box……until Benefits Porefessional Minimizer. 🙂

After you moisturize in the am, apply Porefessional over your pores, then you can apply your everyday make up and POOF your pores are almost invisible.

Ulta Beauty always carries Benefit products with fun incentives. Check out their website this week to see what sales they have on their products <3 please let me know what you think!