Dress it up or dress it down…no matter what you choose to do you can always do it with a romper! I decided to dress it up for the evening for my girlfriends birthday party. I added statement shoes with a structured purse and chunky jewels to make it my own look and finishing it up with fuchsia lips!






Romper|BCBG Earrings|Kendra Scott Purse|Michael Kors Booties|Marciano (Similar)

Style on Ladies and Gents!


This year I was welcomed back as a Top Stylist in Arizona for the Spring into Fashion Show held in downtown Phoenix by Phoenix Fashion Week. I am very excited to be a part of this event on March 28th at 7pm.


I have been preparing for this show the past couple of weeks and shot my video last weekend at one of my clients that turned into one of my best friends house (the view was amazing). This year my vision is simplicity meets effortless beauty, it’s all about being comfortable and fashionable this year without having to spend a fortune.




This year I will be working with Clothes Minded Boutique in Phoenix (I collaborated with her last year at MIM Rocks Fashion).

I am also collaborating with Block and Battaglia. She has amazing handmade clutches that she makes locally here in Arizona.

Kendra-Scott2 Kendra Scott is another boutique I am pairing with for a pop of color in the show.

Hope to see you at the show March 28th!

Style On Ladies and Gents!


From left to right:

1. This is my kind of helmet

2. Selfie kind of day

3. Words to live by

4. Love lipstick

5. My new office

6. My new mani

7. Love this sweater for V-day

8. Clothes Minded 1 year anniversary

9. Bridal photo shoot

10. Just beautiful

11. <3

12. Love this little guy

13. Jacuzzi time

14.Love playing dress up

15. Excited to be chosen for a second year in a row for the Top Stylists in Arizona

16. Love the weather in Arizona


Style On Ladies and Gents!



Christian Dior. A name that is thought of as legend in fashion. So it was no shock when I saw their new campaign featuring the stunning and funny actress Jennifer Lawrence as “Miss Dior.”


BRAVO to the creative and production team that put this shoot together because they hit all the right points in my eyes. From the simplicity of the makeup to the volume of her hair. It was the perfect touches that made this campaign memorable for Spring 2014. From the plain backdrop to the black and white photos, everything was in perfect alignment for this “spring loving,” shoot!



This video makes me love Jennifer Lawrence even more! Kudos Dior!

Style On Ladies and Gents!


We are ALL guilty of it… buying a present on your lunch break, looking through old pictures of the both of you to frame; maybe even trying to find something to get for your mom or dad at the grocery store? Well I think I have all of your bases covered below.

Remember one important thing when shopping for your loved one……”them” (meaning what they would like, or their style and expertise in a certain topic or hobby). Below are items that I recommend for every Valentine on your list.

For your dad: nothing says “I love you,” more than a round of golf or going to the shooting range, just the both of you 🙂


For your mom: every Valentine’s day I get my mom a gift certificate to get a pedicure and jewelry of some sort. My favorite place to pull pieces for my mom (and myself) is Francesca’s.


For your friends: even though it is not a typical thing to do, getting a friend a present is a sweet treat especially if they have a sweet tooth. I like to make my girlfriends cupcakes or brownies (depending on their favorites).


For your boy toy: my husband and I don’t typically buy presents for each other but we like to go out to dinner and exchange handmade cards. For those of you not like my hubby and I… I recommend getting him something that he would like to do with you, like a couples massage, or a picnic in your backyard with all of his favorite snacks. If you want to get fancy; take him to the mall and pick out an outfit for him because he may return the favor and get you an outfit too 🙂 wink wink!


If clothes aren’t his forte I would try and think outside the box and maybe get him something that he collects like comic books, or Ghostbusters gear (my husband is obsessed with Ghostbusters).  For the man that has everything I recommend getting him a gift card at The Art of Shaving– it’s like a man’s facial but for his beard!


Hope this helped all of you last minute shoppers out there!

Style On ladies and Gents!



Style on Ladies and Gents!



From Left to Right:

1. Sunday morning coffee with the hubby in our new kitchen <3
2. Sunday shoot day
3. Love this colorful hand beaded clutch
4. Fav earrings from Scottsdale Quarter, Kendra Scott
5. Beautiful view from my hotel room in Florida
6. Amen!
7. Came home to beautiful flowers <3
8. Arizona Native
9. My new earrings from Kendra Scott
10. Shopping attire
11. Shopping consult
12. My stunning client Stella Inger
13. Winner of the Fit and Fashionable in 2014 contest
14. Love this quote
15. Featured in Erin Mcmillion Photography’s blog
16. Ombre tea and lemonade…

Style on Ladies and Gents!


Transitioning from day wear to night wear with a few simple steps!


Style On Ladies and Gents!


I am very excited to introduce my new “Guest Fashion Blogger” Catherine Gochoco! We met through Phoenix Fashion Week and I absolutely love her! Catherine has a personal style blog that showcases her street style as well as dressing up or down different items for different occasions. She describes her style as classic yet trendy. Catherine likes to stay close to whats hot on the fashion scene, while giving it her personal touch! Through the next couple months you will see blogs highlighting Catherine’s trends and finds. Enjoy!



I love the winter weather but keeping warm is a constant battle. I’m a desert girl and growing up we rarely had any winters that would require more than a light jacket. I’ve become a huge fan of winter white and think it adds such a stark contrast to the darker colors that are associated with the cooler months. Lately the 90’s have brought on so many street style looks and as a huge 90’s fan, I was in. I dressed up my over sized, grunge inspired plaid shirt with some faux leather pants and Voila! Outfit nirvana. This white trench spoke to me, it is so fresh compared to the black coats I usually wear. The coat brings out the more subtle colors in my shirt and ultimately brightens up the whole outfit. I’ve worn this ensemble on two different occasions; lunch meeting and dinner in the city. Both times I was comfortable, warm but mostly I looked great with very minimal effort. Great day to night outfit.

tp5 cropped



tp10 cropped

Catherine Gochoco


Depending on what type of Christmas Party you have been invited to; the last thing you want to put on your shopping list is a party dress. At the same time you don’t want to look and feel bland and boring. So I want to help you find items in your closet that can be transitioned into a great party look!

1. Simple Black Dress. Every woman has a black dress in her closet (and if you don’t have one, you need to get one). I would pair this dress with bold accessories and even try something new with your makeup and wear a dark lip (reds and plums are perfect for the season)

Christmas-party-dresses-for-Women-he99.blogspot (4)


2. Dress Up Dress Slacks. It’s easy to dress up items in your closet that you already have like dress slacks. I would pair it with a fun and vibrant top that is a statement piece within itself so you don’t have to worry about accessorizing. I would also pair with a sexy stilleto and a fun and flirty hairstyle like the picture shown below.



3. Skinny Jeans. For those of you that were invited to holiday parties that are a little more low key, I would recommend pulling out your skinnies! Dark denim skinny jeans can truly be dressy, you just have to know what to pair them with. I always recommend dark skinny jeans because they picture well and go with just about any color (especially black).


4. Grab A Blazer. When in doubt grab a blazer! Blazers are my, “GO TO” when I want to dress an outfit up. I would pair a blazer with just about anything: dresses, jeans, shorts, over-alls anything that can truly be layered.




Below are some pictures from my holiday parties I went to last year! <3

3TV Christmas Party 2012 <3

Go Daddy Christmas Party 2012 <3

Hope these tips help you on your holiday party excursion!

Style On Ladies and Gents!